170823A  23rd August: JOHN MAYALL.
                   CD 'Rock It In The Pocket' (Laser Media LM 502). Recorded live in Ostia, Italy,
                   on December 6, 1982 (see 821206A).
                   - An Eye For An Eye (John Mayall)
                   - Rock It In The Pocket (John Mayall)
                   - Oh, Pretty Woman (A.C. Williams)
                   - Have You Heard  (John Mayall)
                   - You Never Can Be Trusted (John Mayall)
                   - Lookin' For Willie (John Mayall)
                   - The Stumble (Freddie King/Sonny Thompson)
                   - Howlin' Moon (John Mayall/Maggie Parker-Mayall)
                   - Checkin' Up On My Baby (Sonny Boy Williamson)
                   - Little Baby (Willie Dixon)
                   - Baby What You Want Me To Do (Jimmy Reed)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, p)/John Mayall (voc, harm, org, p, gtr)/Steve Thompson
                                  (bass)/Colin Allen (dr)/Maggie Parker-Mayall (bvoc; two songs only)
                   Note: Unauthorized (but official) release in poor sound quality. Beware!

170830A  30th August: BOBBY KEYS.
                   DVD 'Every Night's A Saturday Night' (Yamaha Music Video, -Japan). Director:
                   Jeff Stacy. Incl.
                   - interview with MT
                   - interview with KR
                   - interview with CW
                   - interview with RW