020000A  2002: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                   CD ‘IX. Gastroblues Fesztival - Paks’ (Lézer Records L 014, Hungary).
                   Producer: Gardai Gyorgy. Recorded live in Paks, Hungary 7.7.2001, incl.
                   - I Wonder Why (Mel London) -by Mick Taylor
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Andy Cleveland (bass)/John Coghlan (dr)

020200A   February: ADAM BOMB.
                   CD ‘New York Times’ (Get Animal Records GA 901, -Canada). Producer: Jack
                   Douglas. Sound engineer: Jay Messina. Recorded in New York City, The Record
                   Plant, in 1990. Incl.
                   - Heaven Come To Me (Adam Bomb) -Nicky Hopkins on piano, T.M. Stevens
                       on bass
                   - MacDougal Street (Adam Bomb/Phil Feit) -Flo & Eddie on backing vocals,
                       Phil Feit on bass
                   - It’s Only Rock’n Roll (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano,  T.M. Stevens on bass,
                       Chris Meredith on organ, Jack Douglas on backing vocals
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Adam Bomb (gtr, voc)/Bobby Chouinard (dr)/Alan St. Jon (keyb)

020325A  25th March: US radio ( ) ‘The Classics‘. incl.
                   - interview with MT

020327A  27 March: BILLY PRESTON.
                   CD ‘Live European Tour’ (A&M UICY-3358, -Japan). Producer: Billy Preston.
                   Sound engineer: Andy Johns. Recorded with the Rolling Stones Mobile
                   Recording Unit during the '73 European Tour (probably in Essen, October 1973).
                   Re-mixed at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood.
                   First CD-release of this album with some new tracks and takes:
                    - Day Tripper (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) -new take
                    - The Bus (Billy Preston/Joe Greene)
                    - Let It Be (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) -new take, but previously released
                    - Will It Go Round In Circles (Trad., arr: Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher) -new take
                    - Let's Go Get Stoned (Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson/Joshie Armstead) -new
                         take, but probably without MT (no guitar audible)
                    - Space Race (Billy Preston) -not on original album
                    - Amazing Grace (Trad.) -not on original album
                    - That’s The Way God Planned It (Billy Preston) -not on original album, but
                         previously released
                    - Outa Space (Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher) -new take
                    - Higher (Sylvester Stewart) -not listed on album cover, new take
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Billy Preston (voc, keyb)/Huby Heard (keyb)/Kenny Lupper
                                   (keyb)/Manuel Kellough (dr)

24th April - 4th May: TODD SHARPVILLE. European Tour.
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Todd Sharpville (voc, gtr)/Mr. Chilli (bass)/Hugo Degenhardt
                                   (dr)/Paddy Milner (keyb)

020424A  24th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Lorsch, Germany, Musiktheater Rex
                    (Start All Over/ Doghouse/Sick & Tired/Heart & Soul/Bird On A Wire/
                     I Think I’m Blind/Band introduction/The Meaning Of Life/Ball)

020425A  25th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Soest, Germany, Anno 1880
                    (Start All Over [& reprise]/Doghouse/Heart & Soul/Sick & Tired/
                     Bird On A Wire/I Think I’m Blind/Band introduction/The Meaning Of
                     Life/Ball/I Can’t Stop It)

020426A  26th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Isernhagen, Germany, Bluesgarage
                   (Blues Music/Start All Over/Band introduction/Doghouse/Heart & Soul/Sick &
                    Tired/Bird On A Wire/I Think I’m Blind/The Meaning Of Life/Slow Blues/Ball)

020427A  27th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Groningen, Holland, Oosterport,
                    ‘Rhythm & Blues Night’
                    (Start All Over/Heart & Soul/Doghouse/Band introduction/Bird On A Wire)

020428A  28th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Marburg, Germany, KFZ Club
                   (Start All Over [& reprise]/Bird On A Wire/Heart & Soul/Sick & Tired/
                    Doghouse/I Can’t Stop/I Think I’m Blind/The Meaning Of Life/Ball)

020429A  29th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Bonn, Germany, Jazzgalerie
020430A  30th April: TODD SHARPVILLE. Ingolstadt, Germany, ‘Blues Festival’

020501A  1st May: TODD SHARPVILLE. Freiburg, Germany, Jazzhaus
                   (Start All Over/Band introduction/Bird On A Wire/Heart & Soul/Doghouse/
                    Sick & Tired/I Can’t Stop/I Think I’m Blind/The Meaning Of Life/Ball)

020502A  2nd May: TODD SHARPVILLE. Tübingen, Germany, Sudhaus
020503A  3rd May: TODD SHARPVILLE. Ospel, Holland, Terrein Kamphuis de
                    Meule, ‘Moulin Blues Festival’

020504A  4th May: TODD SHARPVILLE. Bergen, Norway, ‘Ole Blues Festival’, incl.
                    - Heart & Soul (Todd Sharpville)
                    - I Think I’m Blind (Todd Sharpville)

020508A  8th May: HANS THEESSINK. Vienna, Austria, Porgy & Bess Theater
                   MT (gtr), Louisiana Red (gtr) and Hans Theessink (voc, gtr, harm, mandolin)
                   jam together.

020509A  9th May: German internet TV (Underground Live TV), incl.
                    - Heart & Soul (Todd Sharpville) -live in Lorsch, 24.4.2002

020629A  29th June: TODD SHARPVILLE. Remich, Luxembourg, "The Big Blues
                   (Start All Over/Bird On A Wire/Heart & Soul/Sick & Tired/Doghouse/
                    You Shook Me/I Think I’m Blind/Ball)                  
                   Note: With special guest Ana Popovic (gtr) on 'I Think I’m Blind' and 'Ball'.

020702A  2nd July: TODD SHARPVILLE. Skopje, Macedonia, ‘Blues & Soul Festival‘

020716A  16th July: UK radio (BBC2) ‘The Rolling Stones Story‘. Host: Bob Harris.
                    Part one, incl.
                    - interviews with MT and all other Stones past and present (archive material)
                    Note: Parts 2 - 4 on July 23, July 30 and August 6.

020721A  21st July: Breitenbach, Germany, ‘Burg Herzberg Open Air-festival‘. Soundcheck.

020721B  21st July: Breitenbach, Germany, ‘Burg Herzberg Open Air-festival‘
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Low Down/Late At Night/Catfish Blues-
                     I Wonder Why/Here Comes The Rain/Fed Up With The Blues/Can’t You
                     Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction/No Expectations/Little Red Rooster)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/
                                   Michael Bailey (bass, voc)/Godfrey McLean (dr)
                     Note: With special guest Erwin Nyhoff (voc, gtr) on 'No Expectations' and
                               'Little Red Rooster'. “Low Down“ is an unidentified blues.

020816A  16th August: NIKKI SUDDEN. WSRS Studios, Leamington Spa, England.
                    Producers: Nikki Sudden & John Rivers. Sound engineer: John Rivers. MT
                    records guitar overdubs on the following songs:
                    - House Of Cards (Nikki Sudden) -Justin Farrow on guitars, Terry Miles on
                         organ; various unverified takes
                    - Kitchen Blues (Nikki Sudden) -various unverified takes
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Nikki Sudden (voc, gtr)/John Barry (bass)/Stephane
                                   Doucerain (dr, perc)

020818A  18th August: TODD SHARPVILLE. Weimar, Germany, ‘Crazy Elephant

020829A  29th August: TODD SHARPVILLE. Kaiserslautern, Germany, Kulturzentrum
                   Kammgarn, ‘Blues Festival‘
                   (Bird On A Wire/Start All Over/Heart & Soul/Doghouse/The End Of The Line/                                    
                    I Think I’m Blind/Band introduction/The Meaning Of Life/Ball)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Todd Sharpville (voc, gtr)/Mr. Chilli (bass)/Paddy Milner
                                  (keyb)/Brian Aylor (dr)/Dom Norcross (sax)/Jason Osbourne (tp)

020907A  7th September: MICK TAYLOR & INDIGENOUS. San Diego, California,
                   Street Scene-Festival, ‘Jimi Hendrix All-Star Tribute‘.
                   - Red House (Jimi Hendrix) -rehearsal
                   - Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Mato Nanji (gtr)/Pete Nanji (bass)/Wanbdi Nanji (dr)
                   Note: The whole show was professionally fimed and released on DVD in 2008
                             (see 080805A).

020909A  9th September: WADDY WACHTEL. Los Angeles, California, The Joint
                    With special guest MT on guitar on three songs (all unverified):
                    - Fed Up With The Blues-Tore Down (MT)/(Freddie King/Sonny Thompson)
                    - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR)
                    - One Night (Dave Bartholomew/Pearl King)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Waddy Wachtel (gtr)/Terry Reid (voc)/Rick Rosas (bass)/
                                   Phil Jones (dr)/Stacy P (bvoc, gtr)

020917A  17th September: BARRY GOLDBERG.
                   CD ‘Stoned Again‘ (Texas Music Group ANT 0058, -US). Producer: Carla
                   Olson. Sound engineer: Andy Waterman. Recorded at The Bakery Recording
                   Studio, North Hollywood, California either on June 28 or July 11, 2002. Incl.
                   - Ventilator Blues (MJ/KR/MT)
                   - Going Mad (MJ/KR) -Carla Olson on guitar
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Barry Goldberg (keyb)/Denny Freeman (gtr)/Gregg Sutton
                                 (bass)/Don Heffington (dr)/Ernie Watts (sax)

020924A  24th September: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                   CD ‘From Clarksdale To Heaven - Remembering John Lee Hooker‘ (Blue Storm
                   Music, - US). Producer: Pete Brown. Recorded in London on 31.10.2001. Incl.
                   - This Is Hip (John Lee Hooker) -by Mick Taylor & Max Middleton
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Godfrey
                                  McLean (dr)

021117A  17th November: Harpenden, England, The Inn On the Green

021123A  23rd November: HANS VAN LIER BAND. Terschelling, Holland, De Rustende
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Hans van Lier (gtr)/Inki de Jonge (voc)/Eric Bosma (bass)/
                                  Harrie Groenewold (dr)

021127A  27th November: Newcastle, England, Opera House
                    (Secret Affair/Losing My Faith/Late At Night/Twisted Sister/You Gotta Move/
                     Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction)
                     Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Snowy White (gtr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Michael
                                    Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)

021214A  14th December: Diss, England, Corn Hall
                      Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (p)/Zoot Money (org)/Denny Newman
                                     (bass)/John Lingwood? (dr)